Blue Album 1967-1970

The Beatles’ Blue Album (67-70) is a sister of the Red Album (62-66) of course. Indeed, both these albums are greatest hits compilations that compliment each other well. While the Red Album (62-66) concentrates on the early Beatlemania stuff up to “Revolver“, this Blue Album (67-70) has the rest of the best of The Beatles right up to their disbandment.

Obviously, to have the “Best of The Beatles”, two double albums were necessary. However, both the Red Album and The Blue Album may only have come about because of an unofficial bootleg in 1972 with the name of Alpha Omega. Of course, in response to that, Apple/EMI released these wonderful albums stating that they are “the only authorized collection of The Beatles”.

In Detail

Release Date: 19th April, 1973 (UK), 2nd April, 1973 (US)
Recorded: 28th November, 1966 – 1st April, 1970
Album Duration: 99:40
Record Label: Apple
Studio: EMI, Olympic, Apple and Trident Studios, London
Producer: George Martin (Most)**
Compiler: Allen Klein

** Phil Spector was the producer of the “Let It Be” album so he gets credit for “Across the Universe” and “The Long and Winding Road”. However, Paul McCartney and George Martin did not give permission for Spector to produce anything!

Blue Album 1967-1970

Disc One

Side One
01) Non-album single (1967) **
02) Non-album single (1967) **
03) Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
04) Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
05) Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
06) Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
07) Non-album single (1967) **

Side Two
01) Magical Mystery Tour EP & LP (1967)
02) Non-album single (1967) ***
03) Magical Mystery Tour EP & LP (1967)
04) Magical Mystery Tour EP & LP (1967)
05) Non-album single (1968)
06) Non-album single (1968)
07) Non-album B-side (1968)


*** In the UK, the “Magical Mystery Tour” had 6 track on two EP’s, of course. However, elsewhere, this was a full-length album containing these songs. But, in 1976, there was an official full-length LP release in the UK of this album. Indeed, it became the worldwide standard from 1987 after The Beatles back catalogue went to CD format.

Disc Two

Side One
01) The Beatles (White Album) (1968)
02) The Beatles (White Album) (1968)
03) The Beatles (White Album) (1968)
04) Non-album single (1969)
05) Non-album B-side (1969)
06) Non-album single (1969)
07) Non-album B-side (1969)
Side Two
01) Abbey Road (1969)
02) Abbey Road (1969)
03) Abbey Road (1969)
04) Abbey Road (1969)
05) Non-album single (1969)
06) Let It Be (1970)
07) Let It Be (1970)

The Beatles’ Compositions

Of course, just like its sister, the Red Album (62-66), Allen Klein, who managed The Beatles from 1969, compiled these songs. Also, just like its sister, this Blue Album (67-70) includes Lennon-McCartney compositions. However, this album includes Ringo Starr and George Harrison’s compositions too.

Most are from The Beatles’ albums of course. However, there are 12 non-album tracks on this Blue Album (67-70). But, of those non-album tracks, 4 did become part of the “Magical Mystery Tour”. That album has since become standard after its official release in the UK in 1976.

Album Cover

This Blue Album (67-70) cover shows The Beatles looking down from the stairwell at EMI House in Manchester Square, London, which was the label’s headquarters, of course. In fact, this pose was to recreate the original image we see on the Please Please Me LP. Obviously, their image changed over time from the Beatlemania look to hairy rockers.

This image was originally for the “Get Back” album which didn’t come to fruition, of course. That project later became the “Let It Be” album with Phil Spector as the producer (without Paul McCartney or George Martin’s knowledge). The image on the front of this Blue Album (67-70) is also the same as that on the back of the Red Album (62-66). Likewise, back image of the Blue Album is the same as that on the front of the Red Album.

Moreover, inside of both the Red and Blue albums contains a picture of The Beatles and their fans from the “Mad Day” in London on 28th July, 1968. Tom Wilkes was also the designer of both album covers.

Blue Album 1967-1970 LP Covers from the 1973 release - Beatles Cavern Club and Forum

Blue Album (1967-1970) LP cover


These compilation albums came out on the 2nd April, 1973, and were a welcome release since the disbandment of the Fab Four in 1970. Of course, by 1973, the charts were seeing another revolution with another wave of teenagers enjoying a wide variety of new sounds. Be that as it may, both the Red and Blue albums went straight into the charts.

Indeed, this Blue Album (67-70) reached number two in the UK charts which was one place higher than its sister the Red Album (62-66). However, it did get to number one in America.

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