To begin with, The Beatles Network incorporates a forum and the Cavern Club as well as many other features. However, it is the Cavern Club where you are now. This section is where we place all our recent articles or posts, of course.

Despite The Beatles breaking up in 1970, there are many recent developments open to discussion. In fact, The Beatles are still newsworthy and there are many news articles pertaining to the Fab Four. Indeed, sometimes we find that news stories in connection with The Beatles are a daily occurrence. With this in mind, there is a lot to discuss.

Posting Articles

While the staff at the Cavern Club and The Beatles Forum continue to update our pages regularly, you may also post articles. This is a simple process, so if you have a newsworthy item with a connection to The Beatles, why not post it yourself. After all, we can’t catch all the articles about The Beatles all of the time.

Obviously, the Cavern Club deals with the longer, in-depth posts. Indeed, you may even write your own. However, we also have a massive Beatles Forum available too. In fact, our Fab Four Forum is the biggest and best on the internet!

So, once you have posted your Beatles article here, pop over the Fab Four Message Boards and post there too. Obviously we have many different forums for all. So please ensure that you use the correct category.

To Sum Up

If you feel that we are overlooking an article about the best band of all time, please write one yourself. Indeed, we value your input and encourage you to do participate. For example you may see an article about the Mop Tops and wish to highlight it, don’t let us stop you. Alternatively, you may wish to create a post using facts and figures, the option is yours.

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