Yellow Submarine Songtrack

Of course, we saw The Beatles release the “Yellow Submarine” album in 1969. However, this “Yellow Submarine Songtrack” is almost unrecognisable from that album. For example, the first Yellow Submarine album had just six songs with the rest of the album being orchestral pieces by George Martin. In contrast, this… Continue reading

Anthology 1

Due to the relative success of The Beatles’ album, “Live At The BBC” in 1994, there was the need to release more material from the Fab Four. So, in 1995, we see the release of the “Anthology 1” album. However, there was quite a bit material available that there were… Continue reading

Hollywood Bowl Albums

This information page covers both of The Beatles’ Hollywood Bowl albums. Firstly, there is “The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl” which is a release from 1977. Then there is “Live At The Hollywood Bowl” which is a 2017 release. The latter is a cleaned up version but with 4 bonus… Continue reading

Blue Album 1967-1970

The Beatles’ Blue Album (67-70) is a sister of the Red Album (62-66) of course. Indeed, both these albums are greatest hits compilations that compliment each other well. While the Red Album (62-66) concentrates on the early Beatlemania stuff up to “Revolver“, this Blue Album (67-70) has the rest of… Continue reading