Paul McCartney’s School Book

Paul McCartney’s school exercise book sells for £46,800 at an auction at Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. Indeed, the event, which was auctioning Beatles’ memorabilia, including Paul McCartney‘s school book, was a success. However, a George Harrison cassette did not sell at all. This cassette had the title of ‘The Hitler Tapes’ and… Continue reading

Our World

Our World Broadcast This was needless because the ground rules were that the broadcast was to be non-political. Each of the participating countries had their piece in the two and a half hour show of course. However, the highlight of the show is the part involving The Beatles. They closed… Continue reading

Sir Paul McCartney Made a Companion of Honour

Indeed, it has been twenty years after The Queen knighted Paul McCartney. However, he now has a new award and that is the title of Companion of Honour. These awards are for service of conspicuous national importance and Paul McCartney certainly is just that. Moreover, the award is for people… Continue reading