Yellow Submarine Film

The 1968 Yellow Submarine Film is an animated, musical fantasy comedy inspired by the music of The Beatles, of course. Moreover, the film provides a soundtrack for an album of the same name. However, be aware that there are two Yellow Submarine albums. Firstly there is the 1969 soundtrack album… Continue reading

Magical Mystery Tour Film

The Beatles obviously have two successful films under their wing with “A Hard Day’s Night” (1964) and “Help!” (1965). However, in 1967, The Fab Four make a new movie, the “Magical Mystery Tour” film. But, this was to be a sort of a flop unlike the album of the same… Continue reading

Help! (Film)

To begin with, The Beatles’ 1965 film, “Help!” is the Fab Four’s first colour movie. Of course, this film follows their great success with “A Hard Day’s Night“. Since this film has similar Beatles’ humour to the first film, it makes the movie really enjoyable. That, together with Beatles’ music… Continue reading