Child Of Nature

“Child Of Nature” is Beatles’ song which is now commercially available. However, this John Lennon composition evolved with different lyrics after The Beatles broke up. Written by John Lennon in 1968, the song was one those demos from George Harrison’s home in Esher, Surrey, UK. Inspiration came from a lecture… Continue reading

You Won’t See Me

“You Won’t See Me” is a Beatles’ song from their “Rubber Soul” album, of course. Written by Paul McCartney, it is obviously about him struggling with his relationship with girlfriend, Jane Asher. Moreover, the tone of the song marks a change from the normal happy songs sung previously. Paul McCartney:… Continue reading

You Never Give Me Your Money

“You Never Give Me Your Money” is a Beatles’ song from their Abbey Road album, of course. Indeed, it kicks off the long medley on side two of the LP. In short, this song highlights the difficulties the band was facing both financially and personally. Performers Paul McCartney: lead and… Continue reading