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The Beatles Forum (Chat) - About Us Page

Firstly, without a shadow of a doubt, The Beatles are the best band the world has ever seen. With this in mind, there are lots to talk about when it comes the Fab Four. Hence, this massive Beatles Forum!

The staff behind this forum met online a number of years ago while doing our own thing. However, we had our own priorities but still found the time for a natter once in a while. Then we made a decision to open up our own discussion group on another platform. But that was not very user friendly and after a few years made a decision to create our own chat-room. Then we found that we should turn the chat into an archive, thus the forum was born. Now, the original staff can freely chat while keeping an archive of things while allowing others to join in. So, this is our invitation to you!

The Beatles Forum Membership

In effect, with this forum being open to the public online, any like-minded person can join in. Obviously, the main theme will always be The Beatles, of course. Indeed, we have categories that cover all the subject matters. For example, there is the Main Beatles Lounge where odds and sods go. Then there are forums for specific subjects such as The Beatles songs and albums. Obviously, the list goes on. Indeed, if there is anything to write about The Beatles, this forum is available right now. Also, there are the off-topic forums for general natter about any subject under the sun.

Of course, we want plenty of user input, so we have a ranking system in operation. This indeed encourages members to post often. After all, the more you post, the higher the ranking. Obviously, posting one word posts is not the done thing. But we wont stop this if you have nothing else to say! However, please remember that we do have some basic rules.

Registration Is Easy

Indeed, registration to The Beatles Forum is so easy. In short, think of a user name, fill in your email address, prove you are human and click enter. Obviously, check your emails and follow the link back, its as simple as that. Then, bookmark The Beatles Forums and call back often to post. Finally, enjoy your stay here and we hope to see you soon.


In short, is an unofficial fan club and appreciation society. Obviously we are not in any association with The Beatles. Also, we have no association with company they were or are part of, ie Apple Corps Ltd. Indeed, this site is our appreciation for The Beatles and all those with a connection to the band. Obviously, all images, music, video and other media here are copyright to their respective owners. Indeed, all should all be in the public domain. Finally, regarding our website, all rights reserved.

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