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The complete Rooftop Concert Vinyl

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Back In The USSR
Back In The USSR
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The complete Rooftop Concert Vinyl

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Hello all

Just getting into the Beatles although, being primarily an Elvis fan, I’ve always admired then from afar.

Ive just bought 9 of the 2012 remastered vinyls plus the Past Masters, the blue album and had already the red album (analogue) and the Parlophone 76 compilation Rock N Roll music. I understand that the general consensus appears to be that the mono mixes are superior to the stereo/ binaural mixes but i must say that I’m very impressed by the sound quality of these vinyls so far.

I am total newbie regarding dealer connections and, indeed, releases like The complete Rooftop Concert on vinyl. Can anyone tell me what sound quality to expect on such a title and if there are other live performances of good quality to be had please.

The albums that I haven’t got through choice are Yellow Submarine, Magical Mystery tour and Let It Be (like the content but cannot bear the over powering overdubs). Ive heard Let It Be Naked which I find much more preferable to the original but am not prepared to pay £100 + for or the vinyl.

Lastly, is there anything else that I should be looking at? Curious about the anthology series on vinyl and the bbc triples (sound quality?)

Thanks for any help

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Back In The USSR
Back In The USSR
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Re: The complete Rooftop Concert Vinyl

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I might go against the grain here a bit because I prefer stereo recordings and clean CD versions :mrgreen:

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