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A Groovy Kind of Bug - A Beatle.

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Back In The USSR
Back In The USSR
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A Groovy Kind of Bug - A Beatle.


Hi guys,


I appreciate, I have just joined this forum and this is my first post and this may not be appropriate (mods delete if necessary) as technically I am advertising my website... I realize this may be a selfish goal, however I DO want to share what I have done with other Beatles Fans and hope that it brings some positivity and happiness as well as act as an informative piece for people.  I very much doubt that I will make any money from this, this is my hobby and I want to share it and interact with people who have a similar ‘obsession’.


 Without giving too much away, I am lucky enough to live right in the heart of where it all took place, all those years ago.   In fact I am a 10 minute walk from Strawberry fields and John’s first home.  Is it sad that I always say ‘hello’ to him when I go past???  I have met people who knew the Beatles, some have gone - but not forgotten, and I like to think part of what I am doing is for them.


The website is very much in its infancy and my time is very limited (I work a full time job – in the same building where Paul’s dad used to work!).  I feel I have done enough over the years to finally be able to publish an unfinished project, that will act as a version of the final product (if there is such a thing) . If I did not release the website now, it would never get released in honesty or I would give up – hence I have gone for it.

Feedback would be great, and interaction is my goal which will act as a catalyst for me to continue the project.  The Beatles dream will never be over and will always live on through the fans.


“And, in the end

The love you take

is equal to the love you make.”


All the best,


Peace & Love




Robert Cross

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Glass Onion
Glass Onion
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Re: A Groovy Kind of Bug - A Beatle.

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Hi Robert, you're always welcome here.

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