In short, The Beatles starred in five ‘films’. Of course, the two main films were, A Hard Day’s Night and Help! These two movies offer both Fab Four humour together with their musical talent. Then we have the Magical Mystery Tour which many people dismiss and for good reason too.

The Yellow Submarine film portrays The Fab Four as cartoon characters, of course. Then there is the Let It Be film which basically marks the end of The Beatles. We also include the Beatles’ cartoon series which was are television classics. So, click on the appropriate image to find out more information.

The Beatles Films

Beatles Films - A Hard Day's Night Movie

A Hard Days Night (1964)

This film shows the Fab Four in glorious black and white but their music and humour shine through. This was indeed The Beatles’ first movie.

Beatles Films - Help! Movie

Help! (1965)

This was The Beatles’ second feature film but their first colour movie of course. Again, we get some great music & humour from the Fab Four.

Beatles Films - Magical Mystery Tour Movie

Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

In short, the BBC screened this surreal comedy television film on Boxing Day in 1967. The Fab Four go on a mystery trip in the UK, of course.

Beatles Films - Yellow Submarine Cartoon Movie

Yellow Submarine (1968)

This is a colour film, however, The Beatles become cartoon characters. Be that as it may, here we get an animated musical fantasy comedy.

Beatles Films - Let It Be Movie

Let It Be (1970)

Of course, the Let It Be documentary film was the last Beatles movie. It shows the Fab Four as they rehearse in preparation for a concert.

Television Shows

The Beatles TV cartoon show

The Beatles Cartoon Series (TV 1965-1967)

The Fab Four also ‘featured’ in 39 episodes of a television show simply called The Beatles. The animated TV show have a cult following.


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