About Us

About Us here at The Beatles Forum and Cavern Club

About us here at The Beatles Forum and Cavern Club

To begin with, the aim of The Beatles Forum and Cavern Club is pretty straightforward. However, we thought we would write a page all about us, the people behind our project.

About Us

There are four team members, but we have others who help out. Obviously we are all active on The Beatles Forum. In fact, the forum is our mother site and home domain name, ie beatlesforum.com.

The Beatles are the best band that has ever been or ever will be of course. With this in mind, all the team members here met up online after meeting up on music websites. About 1998 we were all scattered around until one member started off a Beatles appreciation society. Then we all had a chatroom in which to socialise. Of course, people would come and go, some have been around all this time and new members join regularly.

Within a few years we had a general music website and chatroom but this had its problems. However, we learned how to deal with things much better and now have quite a few successful websites. Some are music websites but some concentrate on other things. Then around 2014, we decided to go all out and create a Beatles only website, hence The Beatles Forum. However, this has taken a lot of time to create as we wanted to ensure our facts are correct.

It has taken many hours of research but eventually we put together something we all agree on and in the format we all like. So, what we have now is The Beatles Forum as the main website and the Cavern Club as a subdirectory.

Beatles Information

All our main staff members here are old enough to remember The Fab Four from their humble beginnings until when they broke up in 1970. Oh, in those days we had The Beatles, of course, but we also had The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Hollies etc. We even had Cilla Black, Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck for the older generations. In fact, the 1960’s gave us everything by the way of music.

So, we are able to easily put together the information using first-hand knowledge. However, by using Wikipedia, the Beatles “Anthology Series”and other sources we are able to complete our own Beatles platform. Therefore, through our mutual interest in music, and The Beatles in particular, we now share our platform with the rest of the world.

Should you wish to correct anything on our website such as spelling mistakes or indeed certain facts, get in touch with us, we are a friendly lot. In fact, it’s not all about us. On the contrary, it’s all about you! So, if you wish to share information with other Beatles fans around the world, contact us or use The Beatles Forum and tell us.

Obviously we cover all The Beatles’ albums from “Please Please Me” to “Let It Be“. With this in mind, we cover all The Beatles songs in the Fab Four record directory. Of course, we highlight The Beatles’ films too from “A Hard Day’s Night” to “Let It Be“.


Most of the material we use is in the public domain of course. However, if we have not gave credit where due, tell us and we will either delete or adjust appropriately. But, we stand by the “fair use” guidelines at all times. So, if you think we have some material on our websites which you may own, you must prove that you are the actual owner of that material. Simply saying that you are the owner is not enough, of course. However, under the “fair use” guidelines, we use very little material and any images we use are small and of low resolution.

The Beatles Forum and Cavern Club is a fan club in appreciation of the best band that has ever been. We do not intend to profit from our online concern and so we offer nothing for sale. On the contrary, our aim is to promote The Beatles the best way possible. Therefore, we are drawing the attention to the works on offer from the Fab Four. Indeed, from this promotion, more sales of official merchandise may come the way of the respective copyright holders.

Since we allow input from anyone with an interest in The Beatles, we do our best to vet the information. However, with a site as big as this, we can’t vet everything. So, if you see something out of order, please tell us.

Our online Beatles fan club has no connection to the Fab Four or Apple Corps etc. Indeed, we don’t imply that we have any connection.

To Sum Up

We provide The Beatles Forum and Cavern Club in good faith and as a safe environment for all Fab Four fans. Therefore, this is your invitation to join us. In the first place, why not join The Beatles Forum proper first, then help us to keep the Cavern Club up to date. Indeed, by helping us to keep everything current, you are also helping the next generation of Beatles fans!

The Beatles Forum and Cavern Club - About Us

Indeed, The Beatles are the best band that ever has been or ever will be!

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About Bobby

I have been a Beatles fan since the early 1960s so I speak from my heart and soul. It was a pleasure to accept the role of Editor on The Beatles Forum when we left our old site. If you feel that something needs correcting with the information I provide, please contact me.

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