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Welcome along to The Beatles’ Cavern Club, the historical section of our Fans’ Forum Network. This is obviously a Beatles appreciation website where like-minded people can come together and join in. Indeed, we allow you to comment on all posts here or write your own article. However, we also incorporate The Beatles Forum too. So, please feel free to join in the discussion there too.

Although The Beatles stopped touring in 1966 to concentrate on creating studio albums, they played many gigs prior to this. Of course, we know about their trips to Hamburg in their early years. Then there was the world tours which took Beatlemania across the world.

However, it all began in the Cavern Club, Liverpool, England, and this is where the Fab Four met Brian Epstein.

The Beatles Cavern Club and Forum for Fab Four fans everywhere a moptop appreciation society

The Cavern Club in Liverpool, England

Therefore, The Beatles Forum and Cavern Club dedicates the historical section of the website to that famous place in Liverpool. From those humble beginnings, just look at what we got – the best band ever. With this in mind, you can now help us to achieve our goals and aims too. That is to preserve the memory of the Fab Four for generations to come.

Cavern Club

Our online presence is in recognition of the Fab Four, of course. However, we have no connection to The Beatles or any respective merchandising arm. In fact, we don’t sell anything here. But, we hope to draw attention to the works of The Beatles and hope that you do seek out their official merchandise with the intension of buying from official sources.

The Beatles Forum and this Cavern Club section is for information and entertainment purposes. We are also an interactive website that encourages all Beatles’ fans to join in. Therefore, if you love The Fab Four and wish to contribute to the website, please do so. Obviously you can comment on the information posts here or submit your own posts. Then there is the best Beatles Forum on the internet to further interact with other like-minded people.

Interactive Site For Beatles Fans

The Beatles gave us so much in the short time that they were together. Indeed, there is so much to discuss about the loveable Liverpudlians. Therefore, we provide the perfect platforms for such discussions to take place. Obviously, we have an interactive blog which is where you are now, which we prefer to have the name “Cavern Club”.

Of course, we cover all subject matters like the Fab Four’s albums, songs and films. However, we also have The Beatles trivia and quizzes plus other interesting articles too. So, bookmark our home page which is actually The Beatles Forum Network. In short, you can access all areas of our website from anywhere. But, we do prefer to channel members towards the Home Page.

While The Beatles Forum is good for quick posts and good interactivity, The Cavern Club here allows us to provide better in-depth posts. This way, we can ensure that we get all our facts together and correct on one page. Of course, should anything be incorrect, we are always on hand to correct matters.

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