1822! (Speech)

To begin with, the 1822! (Speech) is a track that appears on The Beatles’ 1994 album, “Live At The BBC”.

In Detail


Recorded: 23rd July, 1963
Release Date: 30th November, 1994 (UK) 5th December, 1994 (US)
Record Label: Apple
Speech Narrator: John Lennon
Track Duration: 10 seconds
Producer: George Martin

Track Source:

Live At The BBC


1822! (Speech) comes from The Beatles' album, Live At The BBC

Live At The BBC Album (1994)

To begin with, this speech track is only 10 seconds long. John Lennon, in his usual witty voice, says “This is a Dorsey Burnette number, brother of Johnny Burnette, called ‘Lonesome Tears in My Eyes’, recorded on their very first LP in 1822! (*all laugh*) Ha!”

Obviously Lennon’s speech precedes the track, “Lonesome Tears in My Eyes“. However, on the album it has a specific track number. In this case, it sits as track 11 on disc 2. Therefore we list this as a single item.

In their early days, The Beatles made many recordings for BBC Radio. This speech track is from the BBC’s “Pop Go the Beatles” airing on the 23rd of July 1963.

There is also a YouTube video available for a quick reference.

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