Every Little Thing

“Every Little Thing” is a Fab Four song which is also on their 1964 album, “Beatles For Sale”.

In Detail


Publisher: Northern Songs
Release Date: 4th December, 1964 (UK), 14th June, 1965 (US)
Recorded: 29th & 30th September, 1964
Studio: EMI Studios, London
Genre: Rock
Track Duration: 2:01
Record Label: Parlophone
Songwriters: Lennon-McCartney
Producer: George Martin


Every Little Thing is a Fab Four song which is also on the Beatles For Sale album

Beatles For Sale Album (1964)

John Lennon: double-tracked vocal, acoustic guitar
Paul McCartney: harmony vocal, bass, piano
George Harrison: double-tracked lead guitar
Ringo Starr: drums, timpani

Track Source

Beatles For Sale

Every Little Thing

Written by Paul McCartney, the credit for the song goes to the Lennon-McCartney partnership, of course. The song is unusual in that Lennon takes the lead vocal part while McCartney provides the backing vocal. Indeed, this is a rare example where one of the prolific songwriting team composed for the other to sing.

There’s been a little confusion as to where he wrote the song, but it’s more likely that he started writing it in Jane Asher’s parents’ house. However, there are suggestions that he finished it while on tour in America. The confusion came about because in 1964 he says he wrote it at Jane Asher’s home. Then, in another interview he says:

“John and I got this one written in Atlantic City during our last tour of the States. John does the guitar riff for this one, and George is on acoustic. Ringo bashes some timpani drums for the big noises you hear.”

Paul McCartney
The Beatles Off The Record, Keith Badman

Be that as it may, the Fab Four were about as busy as you could get in those days. So, it’s not surprising that some finer details disappear from the radar.

Generally speaking, this is a tender love song possibly with his girlfriend in mind. However, as we know, John Lennon is the more dominant singer!

Recording Studio

The Beatles began recording “Every Little Thing” on the 29th September, 1964, in Studio Two at the EMI Studios, London, during the 2.30pm-6.30pm session. They recorded 4 takes that day but there were further five takes the next day. The Fab Four obviously had a fun day then:

“Take six was aborted when Paul burped a vocal instead of singing it, take seven was complete but ended in uproarious laughter. And Ringo was having fun with an instrument new to Beatles recordings [a] timpani. This appeared for the first time on take nine, along with the guitar intro and piano piece.”

Mark Lewisohn
The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions

On the 29th they also recorded, “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party” (takes 1–19) and “What You’re Doing” (takes 1–7). Meanwhile on the 30th, they recorded, “What You’re Doing” (takes 8–12) and “No Reply” (takes 2–8) .

“Every Little Thing” comes after track 3, “Honey Don’t” and before “I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party” on “Beatles For Sale”

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