The Honeymoon Song

“The Honeymoon Song” is a Beatles track on the “Live At The BBC” album. The song is the theme tune to a film from 1959. In short, the title of this film is ‘Honeymoon’ (Spanish: “Luna de miel”) (aka “The Lovers of Teruel” in the US). However, there is a repetition of the theme tune throughout the film and it became popular for many artists to cover. So, The Beatles sang the song for their BBC Radio show appearances.

In Detail


Release Date: 30th November, 1994 (UK), 5th December, 1994 (US)
Recorded: 16th July, 1963
Track Length: 1:39
Studio/Location: BBC Paris Studio, London
BBC Radio Show: Pop Go The Beatles, 6th August, 1963
Songwriters: Mikis Theodorakis, William Sansom
Producer: Terry Henebery


Paul McCartney: vocals, also the bass guitar
John Lennon: rhythm guitar
George Harrison: lead guitar
Ringo Starr: drums

The Honeymoon Song was sang by The Beatles on their Live At The BBC album

Live At The BBC Album (1994)

Track Source

Live At The BBC

The Honeymoon Song

On the 16th July, 1963, the Fab Four recorded “The Honeymoon Song” for the BBC Radio show, “Pop Go The Beatles”. In brief, that particular programme got an airing on the 6th August that year. However, there was only ever one recording made and this was at BBC Paris Studio in London. Therefore, this song is available on the 1994 Beatles’ album, “Live At The BBC”.

The singer on this short ballad is Paul McCartney, of course. While, he had an interest in kitsch cinematic showtunes, the rest of The Beatles didn’t. McCartney discovered the song while he was flicking through musical catalogues.

“The Honeymoon Song was Marino Marini, an Italian and his backing group. They used to appear on telly and the greatest thing about them was they had a volume pedal! The Honeymoon Song wasn’t a big hit but I liked it, thought it was a nice tune. I was the force behind that, the others thought it was a real soppy idea, which I can see now!”

Paul McCartney
The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, Mark Lewisohn

Until the release in 1994 of the BBC recordings, this song largely remained in hibernation.

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