I Want To Tell You

“I Want To Tell You” is a Beatles’ song on the 1966 album “Revolver”. It is a George Harrison composition and he is the singer on the recording as well.

In Detail


Publisher: Northern Songs
Release Date: 5th August, 1966
Recorded: 2nd & 3rd June, 1966
Studio: EMI Studios, London
Genre: Psychedelic rock
Track Duration: 2:29
Record Label: Parlophone
Songwriter: George Harrison
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Geoff Emerick


I Want To Tell You is a Beatles' song on the album Revolver, from 1966 of course

Revolver (1966)

George Harrison: double-tracked vocal, lead guitar, handclaps
John Lennon: harmony vocal, tambourine, handclaps
Paul McCartney: harmony vocal, piano, bass, handclaps
Ringo Starr: drums, maracas, handclaps

Track Source


I Want To Tell You

Written and sung by George Harrison, “I Want To Tell You” was his third entry for the “Revolver” album from 1966. Obviously Harrison was maturing as a songwriter. Because the album only contained 14 tracks, this was a huge effort from the lead guitarist. Harrison’s other two contributions to the album are, “Taxman” and “Love You To“.

The inspiration for the song came from his experimentation with the hallucinogenic drug, LSD, in early 1966. Harrison claimed that the lyrics represent “the avalanche of thoughts that are so hard to write down or say or transmit”. He also likened the drug taking experience as that of “an astronaut on the moon, or in his spaceship, looking back at the Earth. I was looking back to the Earth from my awareness.”

Be that as it may, the staff at the Cavern Club at The Beatles Forum don’t condone the taking of any form of drug. We certainly don’t recommend anyone trying any drugs, even if their heroes once did!

Recording Studio

The Beatles began recording “I Want To Tell You” on the 2nd June, 1966, in Studio Two at the EMI Studios, London during the 7.00pm-3.30am session. There were two working titles of the song, these being, “Laxton’s Superb” also “I Don’t Know”. Indeed, John Lennon once jokingly named it, “Granny Smith Part Friggin’ Two”.

Granny Smith is a type of apple and when Geoff Emerick heard Lennon say this, he came up with “Laxton’s Superb” (another variety of apple).

The band recorded 5 tracks that day with the better copy being take three suitable for the rhythm track and overdubs. Overdubbing included Harrison’s lead vocals together with backing vocals from Lennon and McCartney. Then there were the percussion parts to add such as the tambourine, the maracas, handclaps and a little more piano. On the next day, they overdubbed McCartney’s bass guitar piece because on the rhythm track he played the piano.

“I Want To Tell You” sits between “Doctor Robert” and “Got To Get You Into My Life” on the 1966 album, “Revolver”.

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