Love Of The Loved

To begin with, “Love Of The Loved” is a Lennon-McCartney composition. Indeed, this was one of the original Decca audition recordings from the Fab Four. However, as we know, Decca made a fatal decision to reject The Beatles. Be that as it may, we are still awaiting for an official commercial release of the Beatles’ version.

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Unfortunately for Beatlemaniacs, the only version available of this song by The Beatles is on bootleg albums. Therefore, we can’t endorse this. So, we can only but await for some sort of official Beatles release.

While many versions of early Beatles’ recordings are available on albums such as the Anthology series and live BBC recordings, The Beatles have not allowed us to purchase this track yet. However, as soon as they make a decision to release this song, The Beatles Forum and Cavern Club will announce this here.

Love Of The Loved - an unreleased Beatles' song

Love Of The Loved

“Love Of The Loved” is indeed one of the earliest Beatles’ compositions which may even date back to 1959. Although it is mainly a Paul McCartney song, the credit goes to Lennon-McCartney, as ever. They sang the song regularly too and it was part of their live acts during their early days, including when they were “The Quarrymen”.

Of course, The Beatles gave this song to Cilla Black as they did with some other songs. However, it wasn’t too much of a success for Cilla only reaching number 35 in the British charts in October, 1963. Incidentally, the producer of Cilla’s version was no other than George Martin!

Although the band recorded the song, they only did so once for their Decca Records demo tape. Paul McCartney sang the song well but as yet we are yet to see an official commercial release of this song by The Beatles. If this ever happens, the Cavern Club will announce that here.

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