March Of The Meanies

To begin with, “March Of The Meanies” is an instrumental track from their Yellow Submarine Soundtrack album. Indeed, this is a George Martin composition from start to finish. Martin used a 41 piece orchestra to record this track like the rest on side 2 of the album.

In Detail


Release Date: 17th January, 1969 (UK), 13th January, 1969 (US)
Recorded: 22nd – 23rd October, 1968
Studio: Abbey Road
Genre: Classical, orchestral
Track Duration: 2:22
Record Label: Apple
Composer: George Martin
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Geoff Emerick


March Of The Meanies from the Yellow Submarine album

Yellow Submarine Album (1969)

George Martin conducting a 41-piece orchestra

Obviously, none of the Beatles took part in the recording of this instrumental track. However, the track is important to the Yellow Submarine project.

Track Source

Yellow Submarine

March Of The Meanies

Due to the release of The Beatles’ film “Yellow Submarine“, a soundtrack album was necessary. However, we had to wait a further six months for that release. The film itself is a animated, musical fantasy comedy featuring songs from The Beatles together with incidental music from George Martin.

The soundtrack album features six Beatles’ songs on side one while on side two we get seven instrumental pieces from George Martin’s film score. “March Of The Meanies” is one of those featured instrumentals which sits as track 5 on the album between “Sea Of Monsters” and “Pepperland Laid Waste“.

The piece starts off with plenty of atmospheric suspense guided by the marimba. Then it flows seamlessly into the main Blue Meanies march with help from the strings and brass section.

The instrumental track is a little over two minutes in length. Instrumental pieces like this prove that George Martin was an overall wizard when it comes to music. Not only was he the main man behind The Fab Four but he also had the taste for classical music as well. Had The Beatles not come into his life, Martin would have been famous regardless because of his talent.

Recording Studio

On the 22nd of October, 1968, George Martin hired, arranged and conducted a 41 piece orchestra and they attended sessions at the Abbey Road Studios over a period of two days.

Although the film came out in July, 1968, George Martin wanted to re-record the score. So, the music from the album is not necessarily what is in the film but the sentiment is there.

The soundtrack album originally came out in January 1969, complete with George Martin’s instrumental pieces. However, 30 years later, in September 1999, they released the Yellow Submarine Songtrack album which has none of George Martin’s instrumentals.

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