Searchin’ is a Beatles cover song which is on their 1995 album, “Anthology 1”.

In Detail


Release Date: 21st November, 1995
Recorded: 1st January, 1962 (Decca audition tape in mono)
Genre: Rock and Roll
Studio: Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London, England
Track Duration: 3:00
Songwriters: Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
Producer: Mike Smith


Paul McCartney: vocals, bass
John Lennon: backing vocals, rhythm guitar
George Harrison: backing vocals, lead guitar
Pete Best: drums

Searchin’ is a Beatles cover song from their Anthology 1 album

Anthology 1 Album (1995)

** Obviously Ringo Starr had not yet become a member of The Beatles.

Track Source

Anthology 1


In March, 1957, The Coasters released the single, Searchin’ which hit the American charts that year. Indeed it got to number 3 in the pop charts in the US. However, it spent 12 weeks at number one in the R&B charts there too.

In their early days, The Beatles had the name of “The Quarrymen”, of course. Just like other up and coming bands at the time, they would also cover songs from various artists, and this was one such song.

“A rumour reached town one day that there was a man over the hills who had the record Searchin’ by The Coasters. Colin [Hanton], the drummer with John’s skiffle group, knew him and so there was a great trek to find the man, and indeed we found him. And relieved him of it. It was too big a responsibility for him to keep. We couldn’t return it. We just had to have it; it was like gold dust. Searchin’ became a big number with The Beatles; we always used to do it at the Cavern.”

Paul McCartney

McCartney sang this song in a rather fake American accent but then he done this many times previously. After all, The Beatles style was only in development stage at this time. But what is noticeable in this song is a sign of their developing humour showing through.

Decca Audition Tape

With manager Brian Epstein determined to win a recording contract for The Beatles, he chose Searchin’ to be part of their audition tape for Decca Records. However, as we are aware, Decca in their infinite wisdom refused the band a recording contract. The biggest mistakes in music history was on New Year’s Day in 1962 when Decca rejected The Beatles.


Obviously, The Beatles recorded this track on the 1st January, 1962, for their ill-fated Decca audition tape. This track appears on their “Anthology 1” album from 1995. However, this version has a small piece of the introduction missing. In other words, the song has just a small intro before the vocals kicks in. But, bootleg versions have the full intro.

The B-side of The Coasters’ single was “Young Blood” which The Beatles also covered. The Fab Four’s version of that song aired on the “Pop Go The Beatles” radio show on the 11th June, 1963. That song is obviously on their “Live At The BBC” album from 1994.

Finally, in 1982, Paul McCartney appeared on the BBC Radio show “Desert Island Discs”. This show features a “castaway” who chooses some items they would have should they ever find themselves cast away on a desert island. The cast away also chooses 8 recordings. Paul McCartney chose Searchin’ as one of his discs.

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