September In The Rain

The Beatles recorded “September In The Rain” for their Decca audition on the 1st January, 1962. However, that audition failed miserably as we know. Although other tracks from their ill-fated Decca audition are available on albums, “September In The Rain” is not. Therefore, this song by the Fab Four is an unreleased recording. Once it does become available, The Beatles Forum and Cavern Club will announce this.

In Detail


** Unreleased Track **
First Published: 1937
Recorded: 1st January, 1962
Genre: Popular music
Studio: Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London, England
Songwriter: Al Dubin
Composer: Harry Warren
Producer: Mike Smith


Paul McCartney: vocals, bass guitar
John Lennon: rhythm guitar
George Harrison: lead guitar
Pete Best: drums.

September In The Rain - unreleased Beatles' song

** Ringo Starr was not yet a member of The Beatles at this time, of course

Track Source

No official release as yet but bootlegs do exist!

September In The Rain

“September in the Rain” is a song that dates back to 1937 and was very popular at the time. Perhaps its popularity came from its appearance that year in the film, “Melody For Two”. In fact, it charted three times during 1937 through James Melton, Guy Lombardo and The Rhythm Wreckers with vocals by Pauline Byrns. The song charted again in 1948 and 1949 through Sam Donahue and the George Shearing Quintet, respectively.

Indeed, over the years it has become a standard. So much so, that many artists have covered it, including Frank Sinatra. The song makes an appearance in the 1988 film, “Gorillas in the Mist”, that version is by Peggy Lee. Even The Beatles recorded it in 1962 and you can’t get a bigger endorsement than that!

Decca Audition

The song, “September in the Rain”, is about nostalgia and many artists covered the song as a ballad. However, The Beatles stamped their mark on it and recorded a rock and roll version. This became part of The Fab Four’s live repertoire in their early days of gigging.

The Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, had faith in the band and was hoping to win a recording contract. So, he chose the tracks from those early gigging days to be part of an audition tape for Decca Records. “September in the Rain” is one of those songs, but as we know, Decca Records rejected The Beatles. This became one of the biggest mistakes in music history, of course.

While the original song from the audition tape is not commercially available, there are bootleg copies available. But, since they are not official copies, we don’t endorse these in any way.

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