Take Good Care Of My Baby

This Beatles’ cover song, “Take Good Care Of My Baby” is an unreleased track. Indeed, this was one of the Decca auditions on the 1st January, 1962. Although some of those tracks become available, this one remains out of bound for the time being. Of course, most Beatlemaniacs believe that all the tracks from the Decca audition deserve their own album release.

In Detail


** Unreleased **
Recorded: 1st January, 1962
Studio: Decca Studios
Genre: Rock and roll, pop
Songwriters: Carole King and Gerry Goffin
Producer: Mike Smith


George Harrison: vocals, also the lead guitar
Paul McCartney: backing vocals, also the bass guitar
John Lennon: backing vocals, also the rhythm guitar
Pete Best: drums

Take Good Care Of My Baby - unreleased Beatles' song

** This basic line-up excludes Ringo Starr because he had not yet joined the band.

Track Sources


** Copies are in circulation, but we don’t endorse unofficial sources.

Take Good Care Of My Baby

In 1961, Bobby Vee sang this song which was also a single release with the B-side being, “Bashful Bob”. This single reached number one in many countries such as the UK, US New Zealand and Canada.

With George Harrison the lead singer, The Beatles recorded their version for the audition tape to try and impress Decca Records in order to get a recording contract. Of course, Decca made one of the biggest mistakes in record history by rejecting The Beatles that fateful New Years Day in 1961.

“Take Good Care Of My Baby” was one of 15 songs that the Fab Four sang for their audition tape. However, while many others from that tape are commercially available in some form, this one isn’t.

As soon as the Beatles’ version has an official release of this song, The Beatles Forum & Cavern Club will announce it here. Of course, we hope that they do manage to get around to this one day.

Cover Versions

The song is still popular today and many groups have recorded it over the years. So here’s a list of some of the artists who did:

Dion (1961) **
Gary Lewis & The Playboys (1966)
Bobby Vinton (1968)

Robert Thomas Velline (1972)***
Donny Osmond (1972)
Smokie (1980)
Dick Brave and the Backbeats (Sasha) (2003)

** The first version ever recorded.
*** Bobby Vee recorded the song again under his real name.

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