There’s A Place

“There’s A Place” is a Beatles’ song from their first album, Please Please Me. In fact, it was their first recording on that momentous day in the studios.

In Detail


Released: 22nd March, 1963 (UK), 10th January, 1964 (US)
Recorded: 11th February, 1963
Studio: EMI Studios, London
Genre: Merseybeat, rock and roll
Track Duration: 1:49
Record Label: Parlophone
Songwriters: McCartney-Lennon
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Norman Smith


John Lennon: vocals, rhythm guitar, also the harmonica
Paul McCartney: vocals, also the bass guitar
George Harrison: lead guitar, as well as backing vocals
Ringo Starr: drums

Track Sources

Please Please Me
On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2

There’s A Place

There’s A Place is a Beatles' song from their Please Please Me album

Please Please Me Album (1963)

There’s A Place is a Beatles' song from their On Air - Live At The BBC Volume 2 album

On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2 Album (2013)

In the early sixties, Paul McCartney owned the “West Side Story” soundtrack album and the last song on side two is “Somewhere”. That song starts with the line, “There’s a place for us.” This inspired him and John Lennon to write the song at his childhood home – 20 Forthlin Road, Liverpool.

The Beatles were still in their infancy and pop music was in need of modernisation. The Fab Four certainly brought a new dimension to please the song hungry teenagers of the day.

“In our case the place was in the mind, rather than round the back of the stairs for a kiss and a cuddle. This was the difference with what we were writing: we were getting a bit more cerebral. We both sang it. I took the high harmony, John took the lower harmony or melody. This was a nice thing because we didn’t actually have to decide where the melody was till later when they boringly had to write it down for sheet music.”

Paul McCartney
Many Years from Now, Barry Miles

The Lennon-McCartney partnership was also in its infancy but their songwriting creativity was developing fast.

“There’s A Place was my attempt at a sort of Motown, black thing. It says the usual Lennon things: ‘In my mind there’s no sorrow…’ It’s all in your mind.”

John Lennon
All We Are Saying, David Sheff

The song was important to the Fab Four in 1963 as it was a part of the band’s stage repertoire. Together with the two-part harmonies and its major seventh harmonica intro, the song helped to bring a unique sound that only The Beatles could capture.

Recording Studio

In Studio 2 at the EMI Studios in London on the 11th February, 1963, The Beatles began recording their first album, Please Please Me. “There’s A Place” was one of the first songs that they recorded that morning.

The band recorded ten takes with the last one being the one they chose to add the harmonica to during the afternoon sessions. There were three attempts at overdubbing John Lennon’s harmonica piece and so the final take became take 13.

The Beatles also recorded a version of this song for their early BBC Radio appearances. The version they recorded for “Pop Go The Beatles”, aired on the 3rd September, 1963, is on their “On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2” album.

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