You Know What To Do

Although The Beatles recorded, “You Know What To Do”, in 1964, we had to wait until 1995 for its release. Indeed, this was one of George Harrison’s first songs with The Beatles. Be that as it may, his demo of this song appears on “Anthology 1”. Incidentally, George Harrison’s first song was “Don’t Bother Me“, of course.

In Detail


Release Date: 20th November, 1995
Recorded: 3rd June, 1964
Studio: EMI Studios, London
Track Duration: 1:59
Record Label: Apple
Songwriter: George Harrison
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Norman Smith


George Harrison: lead vocal, rhythm guitar
John Lennon: tambourine
Paul McCartney: bass

You Know What To Do is a Beatles' song on the Anthology 1 album - George Harrison

Anthology 1 Album (1995)

Track Source

Anthology 1

You Know What To Do

After being misfiled in the early sixties, they only discovered this recording still existed by accident in 1993. It was on a demo tape along with a song that Paul McCartney wrote for Cilla Black, “It’s For You” and “No Reply“.

The performers that day obviously excluded Ringo Starr. This is because he was suffering with tonsillitis and pharyngitis. The band were having a photographic session on the 3rd June, 1964, when Ringo fell ill.

In fact, the band were due to record a fourteenth song for the album, “A Hard Day’s Night“. However, the band were due to start a tour of six countries the next day. So, they scrapped the 14th song and brought in session drummer, Jimmie Nicol, for rehearsals.

Indeed, Jimmie impressed the band with the six-song rehearsal which took one hour to complete. Therefore, the tour would see Jimmie pack his bags and join The Beatles’ world tour.

George Harrison’s Songs

As we see above, George’s first Beatles’ song was “Don’t Bother Me” from September, 1963. We had to wait until February, 1965, for George Harrison’s next contribution, “I Need You“.

George Martin explained why there was no recent contribution from George Harrison when asked in 1964, (he) “got discouraged some time ago when none of us liked something that he had written”. Obviously Martin was referring to “You Know What to Do”.

So, what are your thoughts on this George Harrison song?

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