You Never Give Me Your Money

“You Never Give Me Your Money” is a Beatles’ song from their Abbey Road album, of course. Indeed, it kicks off the long medley on side two of the LP. In short, this song highlights the difficulties the band was facing both financially and personally.

In Detail


Release Date: 26th September, 1969 (UK), 1st October, 1969 (US)
Recorded: 6th May, 1969 (Olympic Sound Studios, Barnes, London), 1st, 15th, 30th, 31st July, also the 5th August, 1969 (Abbey Road Studios studios 2 and 3)
Track Duration: 4:02
Record Label: Apple Records
Songwriters: Lennon-McCartney
Producer: George Martin
Engineers: Glyn Johns, Phil McDonald, Geoff Emerick

You Never Give Me Your Money is a Beatles' song on their Abbey Road album

Abbey Road (1969)


Paul McCartney: lead and backing vocals, piano, bass, wind chimes, also the tape loops
John Lennon: guitar, as well as backing vocal
George Harrison: guitar, also the backing vocal
Ringo Starr: drums, as well as the tambourine

Track Source

Abbey Road

You Never Give Me Your Money

Paul McCartney wrote the song while he was in New York shortly after his marriage to Linda Eastman. This was at a time when the atmosphere within the band was tense.

Both Paul McCartney and George Martin knew that Abbey Road could possibly be The Beatles’ last album. Together they set about detailing a magnificent climactic finale to highlight the band’s dynamic careers.

You Never Give Me Your Money becoming the first song on the Abbey Road medley. Obviously, they were drawing attention to the financial affairs. Since Brian Epstein’s death on the 27th August 1967, Paul McCartney mainly sought the group’s direction. However, he was not happy when other band members brought in manager, Allen Klein, to help sort out their finances. Due to this appointment, Paul says:

“This was me directly lambasting Allen Klein’s attitude to us: no money, just funny paper, all promises and it never works out. It’s basically a song about no faith in the person, that found its way into the medley on Abbey Road. John saw the humour in it.”

Many Years From Now, Barry Miles.

Be that as it may, the song itself is a stroke of genius. Made up of different segments; a piano ballad, boogie-woogie piano piece, arpeggiated guitars and even a nursery rhyme.

Recording Studio

All in all, the band recorded 36 takes of this track at the Olympic Sound Studios, London. Recording started at 3pm on the 6th May, 1969 and lasted right through to 4am the next day. The band then selected take 30 as their best effort to expand upon.

They used the EMI Studios to add overdubs during July and this included bells, birds, bubbles and chirping crickets. George Martin then began mixing the track during August with a final master mix created on the 21st.

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