You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

“You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” is a Beatles’ song that is also on their album, “Help!”. Moreover, this song appears in the film as well. Indeed, they sing this song in the part of the film where they are in the London flat they share. But they are soon on the run again when the cult leaders attack yet again. For those who like alternative versions, take 5 is also on their Anthology 2 album.

In Detail


Release Date: 6th August, 1965 (mono and stereo) (UK), 13 August, 1965 (US)
Recorded: 18th February, 1965
Studio: EMI Studios, London
Genre: Folk
Track Duration: 2:11
Record Label: Parlophone
Songwriters: Lennon-McCartney
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Norman Smith


John Lennon: double-tracked vocal, also a 12-string acoustic guitar
Paul McCartney: bass guitar
George Harrison: classical acoustic guitar
Ringo Starr: brushed snare drum, tambourine, as well as the maracas

Other Performer

John Scott: tenor also the alto flutes

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away is a Beatles' song on their album Help!

Help! Album (1965)

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away is a Beatles' song and take 5 is on their Anthology 2 album

Anthology 2 Album (1996)

Track Sources

Anthology 2

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

Bob Dylan Influence

Not since 1962 did The Beatles use a session musician. However, they did on this song. Not only that but we start to see influences from the great Bob Dylan, especially since the band began to use acoustic guitar. In contrast, Dylan began using an electric guitar!

“That’s me in my Dylan period again. I am like a chameleon, influenced by whatever is going on. If Elvis can do it, I can do it. If the Everly Brothers can do it, me and Paul can. Same with Dylan.”

John Lennon
All We Are Saying, David Sheff.

“You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away is my Dylan period. It’s one of those that you sing a bit sadly to yourself, ‘Here I stand, head in hand…’ I’d started thinking about my own emotions. I don’t know when exactly it started, like I’m A Loser or Hide Your Love Away, those kind of things. Instead of projecting myself into a situation, I would try to express what I felt about myself, which I’d done in my books. I think it was Dylan who helped me realise that – not by any discussion or anything, but by hearing his work”

John Lennon

Song Meaning?

We may never know why this song came about, this is because up to now no official explanation is available. Therefore, we can only but speculate. However, there are a few stories to consider.

Firstly, in April, 1963, manager Brian Epstein and John Lennon went on holiday together in Spain. While Epstein was a homosexual, Lennon wasn’t. However, that didn’t prevent rumours of sexual activity between the pair while they were on vacation. But, both deny any such contact.

Secondly, another rumour suggests it was about an affair that John Lennon was having with a woman at the time. We may never know unless someone comes forward with concrete evidence and this is unlikely to happen now, of course.

Recording Studio

As with talent such as The Beatles, this song was complete in one day, 18th February, 1965. There were nine takes in total but only two takes were full recordings. Take 9 is the version on the classic album Help! while track 5 is what we get on the “Anthology 2” album.

While recording at the EMI Studios in London, they employed session musician and flautist, Johnnie Scott to help out. This was the first time they would employ a session artist since their recording, “Love Me Do“. However, in the future, many more session musicians would take part in Beatles recordings as the band became studio artists rather than touring or gigging.

So, what are your thoughts on this song?

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    When you say “in the London flat they share” do you mean in the joined four terrace houses on Alisa Avenue in Twickenham?

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