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Before you submit a post to the Beatles’ Cavern Club, you should read the guidelines below. However, if you are familiar with them, just submit a post as normal. So, go ahead and be a Paperback Writer today!

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Paperback Writer

Firstly, you do not have to be a member of The Beatles Forum or Cavern Club to be able to post here. However, there are a few guidelines (below) that you must understand before you submit your post. Since, this section involves members and visitors writing their own articles on the Cavern Club, here at The Beatles Forum, we call this area “Paperback Writer“.

New posts will only go ‘live’ once we check them. However, once you become a trusted writer, all posts will go ‘live’ immediately. So, please understand this before you contact us asking where your posts are!


01) To begin with, your post can be anything about The Beatles or other relevant information. For example, you may submit news articles or historical facts etc. As long as the information concerns the Fab Four, it will be acceptable.

02) When you submit a post to the Cavern Club, please ensure that it contains a minimum of 200 words. This is because shorter posts are of no use for in-depth blog posts. Also, search machines may ignore it if there is not too much information in it. However, 300 words plus will be much better still. So, for the shorter posts, please use the Beatles Forum proper.

03) Grammar and spelling are unimportant because we may adjust it for you. So, if you want us to proof-read your posts for you, let us know. The most important thing is that you keep everything factual.

04) No copy and pasting from other websites is ever permissible here of course. However, you may add the odd line or two but that’s the limit we can allow through the fair use policy that most websites comply with, like us!

05) Your posts are all your responsibility, of course. With this in mind, you should also make yourself familiar with our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

06) Where you upload images, ensure they are not subject to copyright, also give credit to the original owner.

07) We don’t publish your details so use a screen name.

To Sum Up

Once you are familiar with the guidelines above, then you may submit a post. However, a moderator may need to check it first, especially if it is your first post. Once you have one approved post under your belt, all others go live immediately. We also reserve the right to amend or adjust your work where we think it is appropriate. Of course, we will leave your posts in the original state on most occasions. So, submit your post today on the Cavern Club here at The Beatles Forum Network.

Finally, please join The Fab Four Forum too, post often and bookmark us for future reference!

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