Easy Fab Four Quiz

Firstly, this is the Easy Fab Four Quiz page. There are indeed 20 easy trivia questions about The Beatles. They are also multi-choice, so just check the correct box. In short, you get 5 points for a correct answer. Therefore, there are 100 points to play for.

1. Firstly, what year was John Lennon born?


2. Secondly, what year was Paul McCartney born?


3. Thirdly, what year was George Harrison born?


4. Of course, now we have to ask, what year was Ringo Starr born?


5. Who was The Beatles’ drummer before Ringo Starr?


6. What was the name of the ‘Let It Be’ project originally?


7. Which is the only song released as a single where The Beatles don’t play any instruments?


8. On the Abbey Road cover we see The Beatles walking over a zebra crossing, but which Beatle has no shoes on?


9. Who is the producer on the vast majority of Beatles records?


10. What was the very first Beatles album?


11. In what year did we get the official announcement that The Beatles had broke up?


12. Who was The Beatles’ manager until he died in 1967?


13. Which city in the United Kingdom do The Beatles come from?


14. What was The Beatles’ second film called?


15. Which relative did Paul McCartney bring with him in the film, A Hard Day’s Night?


16. What sort of hairstyle did The Beatles have in the early 1960’s?


17. Which one of The Beatles became a grandfather first?


18. How many studio albums did The Beatles make together as a band?


19. Which Beatles’ single was not written by Lennon/McCartney?


20. Finally, a very easy question, Richard Starkey is the real name for which Beatle?


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Easy Fab Four Trivia Quiz

Since this is the first Beatles trivia to date, we have made it easy. Hence, the title – the Easy Fab Four Quiz. All the questions are public knowledge of course. So, fans of The Beatles should easily get 100% correct. However, one may be slightly harder than the rest, it really depends on how good you are on recall. There is no trickery involved obviously, just simple questions about The Beatles.

We have a collection of Beatles Trivia quizzes, of course. Therefore, after you complete this one, why not try a harder one. You can also share your results with friends on social media.

The Beatles Quiz - Easy Fab Four Trivia at The Cavern Club and Forum
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