Fab Four Song Titles Quiz

In short, this Fab Four Song Titles Quiz is pretty straightforward. To begin with, we provide the beginning of a Beatles’ song, then you need to finish it off. All the songs here are available on a Beatles’ album or a single, of course. Obviously, like all our other Beatles trivia, there are 20 questions with 5 points for a correct answer. So, there are 100 points to play for.

1. To get the idea, an easy Beatles title, “Strawberry Fields **********”


2. “It Won’t Be **********”


3. “Crying, Waiting, **********”


4. “The Continuing Story Of Bungalow **********”


5. “You’re Going To Lose That **********”


6. “And Your Bird **********”


7. “I’ll Cry **********”


8. “Baby You’re A **********”


9. “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My **********”


10. “With A Little Help From My **********”


11. “Honey **********”


12. “We Can **********”


13. “Happiness Is A **********”


14. “I Forgot To Remember **********”


15. “Long, Long, **********”


16. “Polythene **********”


17. “Doctor **********”


18. “I Feel **********”


19. “Octopus’s **********”


20. “Money (**********)”


Question 1 of 20

Fab Four Song Titles Quiz

Beatlemaniacs will obviously get every question correct. In fact, they may think that some are too easy! However, The Beatles Forum and Cavern Club caters for all. With this in mind, we provide a mixture of easy and difficult questions in this Beatles Song Titles Quiz.

Our aim here is to provide information for all fans of The Beatles across the generations of course. Therefore, our Beatles trivia and quizzes are here to test your knowledge on the Fab Four. We are aware that some people are experts on The Beatles, but we also know that new fans are coming along all the time. So our Beatles trivia is here to test your level of knowledge on the best band ever.

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