Hard Fab Four Quiz

You are probably trying this Hard Fab Four Quiz because you have tried the Easy Fab Four Trivia first. Since this follows the same format, there are 20 questions about The Beatles. However, they are slightly harder. You will also gain 5 points for a correct answer. So there are 100 points to play for. In short, check the appropriate box to submit your answer.

1. To begin with, The Beatles experimented with band names in their early days, which one of the following did they use?


2. Paul McCartney lived in his girlfriend’s parents home in 1963, what was she called?


3. Where did Paul McCartney first meet Linda Eastman?


4. How many episodes of the cartoon series, ‘The Beatles’ were there?


5. Which one of The Beatles gave us the phrase, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’?


6. Which of The Beatles albums have no artist or title on the front cover?


7. Which Beatles track gives credit to all four Beatles, ie Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey?


8. What was Brian Epstein’s middle name?


9. The White Album was very plain indeed, but who designed it?


10. Frank Sinatra once described a Beatles’ song as the greatest love song ever written, but which one?


11. Which British actor appeared in three Beatles films?


12. Who directed the film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’?


13. When The Beatles first recorded with George Martin, what record label did they start recording on?


14. What city did The Beatles last perform in while on their last tour.


15. What does the semaphore on The Beatles’ Help! album cover read?


16. While on the zebra crossing on the Abbey Road album cover, which one of The Beatles does NOT have a beard?


17. Out of John, Paul, George and Ringo, which one was married before the rest?


18. What year did John Lennon say that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus?


19. What Beatles song ends in the final chord being played on three pianos and a harmonium and extending the fade out to 40 seconds by raising the recording levels accordingly?


20. Where in America did Rocky Raccoon live?


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Hard Fab Four Trivia Quiz

Although these questions are a little harder, most Beatlemaniacs should do well. However, this depends upon your ability to remember the answer. We have double checked the questions and answers in this Hard Fab Four Quiz, of course. This is so that we present a reasonably difficult Beatles trivia quiz.

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The Beatles Quiz - Hard Fab Four Trivia at the Cavern Club and Forum

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