Hardest Fab Four Quiz

This is indeed our Hardest Fab Four Quiz in our collection of three similar Beatles games in the ‘mixture’ section. This Beatles Trivia also follows the same format as the other two. In short, check the appropriate answer. Then, for each correct answer, you get 5 points. So, with 20 questions on offer, there are 100 points to play for.

1. What fun name did Paul McCartney’s use as the working title for his hit record ‘Yesterday’?


2. While recording ‘Across The Universe’ which two females did they choose for backup vocals?


3. Where did The Beatles shoot the video for Strawberry Fields Forever?


4. From their original 12 studio albums, which track is the shortest?


5. On the Abbey Road album, we see Paul, John and Ringo wearing suits but who provided those suits?


6. Elsie Gleave was born in 1914 but who is she in relation to The Beatles?


7. How many tracks are there on The Beatles’ ‘White Album’?


8. Which Beatles’ song incorporates lines from the Shakespearian play, ‘King Lear’?


9. What record label first released recordings of The Beatles’ songs in the UK?


10. Who was the lead vocalist on The Beatles’ song ‘I Need You’?


11. For what band did Ringo Starr play the drums before he joined The Beatles.


12. While being interviewed in the Beatles film, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, what name did George Harrison call his hairstyle?


13. In the same film, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ while Ringo Starr was giving an interview a reporter asks “are you a mod or a rocker”, what was Ringo’s reply?


14. In the Yellow Submarine film, who invaded Pepperland?


15. Who was the captain of the yellow submarine?


16. What was the first Beatles song we hear that involved backward vocals?


17. Which one of The Beatles’ names is actually his middle name?


18. Which famous actress had a sister who was the inspiration behind The Beatles’ song ‘Dear Prudence’?


19. The Beatles’ song’ All You Need Is Love’, has musical references to a number of other tunes, which of the following is not represented?


20. What is the very first song on The Beatles’ ‘White Album’?


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Hardest Fab Four Quiz

So, you think you know The Beatles very well? Then try these questions – our Hardest Fab Four Quiz yet. While not impossible, it is a tough quiz to test your knowledge on The Beatles. Get 100% correct in this hard trivia game then you are well and truly a Beatlemaniac.

Obviously if you want an easier Beatles trivia, try one of the others first. Indeed, we have an easy trivia, a hard trivia and this Hardest Fab Four Trivia. This section involves a mixture of anything to do with The Beatles of course. However, there are other trivia questions such as a Beatles’ lyrics trivia.

The Beatles Quiz - Hardest Fab Four Trivia at the Cavern Club and Forum
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