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The Ranking System Is Up And Running

From time to time the staff here at The Beatles Forum need to make certain posts that affect us all. For example, we may have a change in the rules or post warnings of impending maintenance etc.
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The Ranking System Is Up And Running

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Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:06 am

The Ranking System Is Up And Running

The Beatles Forum is a place where Beatles fans can come and chill out with other like-minded people.
Obviously, we want you to come back regularly and post often.
With this in mind, we have a ranking system in place to encourage this.
In effect, the ranking system is based upon how many posts you actually make.
However, please try not to post one word answers in the main forums.
Everything is automatic so its down to the members to post as often as they want and increase their post count.

So, let us look at The Beatles Forum ranking system.

0 - 49 posts - Back In The USSR.
50 - 149 posts - Glass Onion
150 - 249 posts - Day Tripper
250 - 499 posts - Paperback Writer
500 - 999 posts - Free As A Bird
1000 + posts - Piggies

Finally, if you would like us to adjust these rankings, let us know.
The Beatles Forum - make it your home and rank away!

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