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Rules of The Beatles Forum

From time to time the staff here at The Beatles Forum need to make certain posts that affect us all. For example, we may have a change in the rules or post warnings of impending maintenance etc.
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Rules of The Beatles Forum

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Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:30 am

Rules of The Beatles Forum

To begin with, the staff at The Beatles Forum do not wish to stop people from being themselves.
However, the internet can be a funny place and some sites demand a few rules etc.
The Beatles Forum is no exception but we don't wish to appear heavy-handed.
With this in mind, we do have a few rules in place but prefer to call them guidelines.
They are subject to change, so please keep up to date with them.

We prefer members to use common sense at all times.
So, lets just say, stay within the law and be good to others and that should sum things up.
However, the rules have their own page here, so please check them out.


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